Book Review: The Beautiful Ones

I loved this cute romance with hints of the fantastic. Even if you are not one for romance or fantasy like me, this is one to appeal to fans of lighthearted fiction with strong women at the middle.

Nina is young, pretty but not stunning, and incredibly smart and curious. Her quirky character and her tendency to make objects explode as her telekinetic powers get out of control has ensured to scare away all suitors in her tiny town. When she travels to the big city looking for a fairy-tale romance, she never imagined that she’d find a mentor and get her heart shattered. But secrets lure in the dark to put her life upside down. Will she end up with her handsome prince or will her evil cousin-in-law (is that a thing?) ruin it all?

For me, another proof that Silvia Moreno-García can’t write a dull book.

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