Book Review: So You Don’t Get Lost In The Neighborhood

Reading Patrick Modiano’s So You Don’t Get Lost in the Neighborhood took me back to when I was 10 and wrote a suspense – detective story about a man who suddenly disappears. It was quite bad, I am sure, but the novel I wanted to write was Sunday’s in August or So You Don’t Get Lost in the Neighborhood. Modiano really knows how to set the pace build suspense while leaving the reader to come to their own conclusions. This is my second Modiano and I can’t stop being in awe.

This is the story of an elder man who gets an unexpected phone call. A suspicious voice tells him he lost his address book and wishes to return it. Our narrator fears blackmail but gets sucked in anyways. There’s a mysterious murder that occurred more than 50 years prior, mysterious characters and a lot of holes in his recollection of his childhood. But could he had known more about this murder than he remembers? Is he being blackmailed for it?

A masterpiece and a perfect way to close this weekend. If you are looking for a suspense novel that doesn’t mention women’s breast even once, no Russian or Arab terrorists and no one gets sexually assaulted or cheated on, this one is a gem.

Author: Carla Hafez

Reader of mostly literary fiction and own-voices fiction. Latina. Feminist. Amateur reviewer. Opinionated. Unapologetically progressive. Mom. Wife. Believer.

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