Book Review: Running

I loved this book. Not only is the story super addictive, slowly developing Mari’s character, but also it speaks to a lot of themes I feel strongly about. It’s about climate change, the gap between public and price personas, the sacrifices and accommodations we make to support the dreams of those we love, and of course, politics.

But mostly, it’s about finding your voice and standing your ground when it comes to your values. I could totally relate to being silent on important topics unless it affects me directly. I am usually scared that putting myself out there will place me in an even more disadvantageous position, knowing that as a BIPOC we attract hateful responses disproportionately. So I usually try to speak with actions and avoid confrontation with my silence. But Running made me re-think that and realize that some issues are bigger than ourselves and our fears.

This is a really cute story that couldn’t be more relevant today with a looming election and hurricanes devastating our coasts while our politicians still debate the science of climate change.

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