Book Review: Faces in the Crowd by Valeria Luiselli

This is by far my favorite book by Valeria Luiselli. I could justify it by its unique structure or how I loved that it is centered around two artists from my home State (Gilberto Owen and Jose Limon) and completely changed the way I have known them and thought about them until now, from unidimensional, boring, black and white to human, flawed, funny and in technicolor. Or it could be because she is a master at making us feel her characters, get in their head and see the world through their eyes even if we do not normally agree with their ideas.

Possibly, it is because in this book she reminds me being in my twenties, fighting loneliness and making stupid mistakes just because I could. But I think you should find your own reasons for loving it, which you will if you give it a chance.

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