Book Review: Girl Gurl Grrrl by Kenya Hunt

I recently read Kenya Hunt’s essay collection “Girl Gurl Grrrl”. While most of the essays are penned by her, there are some interesting collaborations with other Black writers. Fans of Queenie will be delighted to learn about how this great bestseller personally influenced Candice Carty-Williams personality post-publishing.

My particular favorites were Girl, Notes on Woke, Motherhood and Skinfolk. Though written for Black women, as a BIPOC I could definitely relate to some of the sentiments expressed there and her experience as a person of color in a racialized America, and I feel that I learned a valuable lesson on reclaiming language that speaks to my identity, rather than trying to adapt white-sponsored “woke” terminology.

The book will be out in December, 2020. And it makes an interesting addition to our antiracist stacks.

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