Book review: Earth-eater by Dolores Reyes

Last night I devoured in one sitting this beautiful novella: “Earth-Eater / Come Tierra” by Argentinian author Dolores Reyes. It was a captivating, beautifully written story I couldn’t put down.

In this story we meet a young woman (possibly 13) who emotionally wrecked by her mother’s death and her dad’s flight stuffs her mouth with earth from her mom’s grave only to discover it gives her visions of her mom’s death, letting her witness it as if she were there. All through the following years she’ll be able to witness the last minutes of life or current state of people who are dead or missing. Will she fight that terrifying gift or harness it for good? Is she haunted by the dead?

This is a story of grief, poverty, social inequality and violence, mainly violence exerted against women wrapped in a breath-taking thriller I cannot recommend enough. This is only Reyes’ debut novel, so what has she in store for us for the future?

CW: sexual assault, domestic violence, murder, sexually explicit.

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