Book Review: How We Fight For Our Lives by Saeed Jones

“However many masks we invent and deploy, in the end we cannot control what other people see when they look at us.” – Saeed Jones, How We Fight For Our Lives.

I had been meaning to read Saeed Jones’ memoir How We Fight For Our Lives all year. I had tickets to see him in Dallas last March but then the pandemic happened. All the wait was worth it. I loved it. So personal, and real and beautifully written. Saeed Jones grew up in Lewisville, TX not far from where I live. Raised by a single mom, a Buddhist, and learning how to love himself when the world has only tough words for gay Black men. His journey is inspiring, as he shows us how we all hate ourselves, hurt ourselves before making peace and embracing ourselves in all our complexities. I cannot recommend this book enough.


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