Book Review: Land-Water-Sky / Ndè-Ti-Yat’a

This is the story of a magical island in the Northwest Territories of Canada, and the eternal fight between the beast-like shapeshifter that inhabits it, and the good spirits that protect it; those spirits of Land, Water and Sky. It is divided in several chapters that takes us from immemorial times to date, and though the seem like interconnected short stories, in the end the come together as a whole.

I fell in love with this novel from the first pages. The depiction of the old legends during the time before the arrival of the white settlers in Canada was enchanting. It feel like a masterpiece to me. But, I started to feel less engaged with the story as we traveled to time. Maybe it is because the main characters were teenagers, with their normal worries; or maybe because they were not fully developed. Or maybe I just love old tales and I felt like the newer chapters lack by comparison. Overall, it is a very interesting story and a beautiful novel.

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