Book Pairings: Shipwrecks

We all love survival stories. Especially those of shipwrecks. Who can forget Cast Away, staring Tom Hanks and the Wilson ball? Or more recent, Life of Pi by Yan Martel. A beautiful movie and heart-breaking book. If you, like me, loved it.. you’ll love Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Story of a Shipwreck.

It is the true story of a Colombian sailor who was lost at sea for 10 days. Unlike many movies and books that don’t tell you what happens after he is back home and gets a heroe’s welcome here we get the whole story; how he survived, was welcomed home, kissed by beauty queen, made money out of tale and then was forgotten. That’s how Gabo sums it up in the title in Spanish (English title is spoiler free).

Gabo was not even 30 when he interviewed the sailor, as a reporter for an obscure paper. And this story forced him into exile, launching him onto the path that gave us One Hundred Years of Solitude. But whether you are a fan or not, this is a must read story.


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