Book Quotes: Naamah

I’ve been thinking”, she says, “about what makes a woman”.

“You have?”

“I don’t want it to depend on being a mother, even if it has for me. I don’t want it to depend on genitals. I think very little of a man’s genitals. But with my uterus comes my period. It’s not how my life is marked, how I experience this monthly reminder that I am this body and not another – and monthly is so often. But there are choices I make, and others make, because of it. How we deal with how much it hurts, if we decide to speak it. How we deal with the blood.”

“But I think we could be women without these choices”.

I found so many remarkable quotes in Naamah by Sarah Blake I wanted to share them with you:

  • Anything that comes from blackness is a creation. Nothing can be born of light because light is already. But from me can come all things. From me can come a world the links of which you cannot fathom because when you came out of blackness you had not the power to fathom it. Blame me not for your limitations, Naamah, but take with you what I offer.


  • “If there’s anything I wish for you, it’s that you have a family and all the joy you can possibly have in life. To not overthink it. Because no matter what our lives could have been every version would have been filled with shit we’d had to deal with.”


  • “No one’s body was her but her own. But after growing Japheth, after seeing the shape of his head through her skin, she felt deeply that his body was her own.”

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