Book Quotes: The Bird King

G Willow Wilson’s latest novel has so many great quotes I wanted to share them with you.

  • “The palace was her home and home was not a matter of loving or hating; to leave it was to do violence to the past”.
  • “The real struggle on this earth is not between those who want peace and those who want war. It’s between those who want peace and those who want justice. If justice is what you want then you may often be right, but you will rarely be happy”.
  • “The forces you see are working against you, but some you do not see are working on your behalf”.
  • “‘Maybe they don’t hate us for our freedoms’, she muttered. ‘Maybe they hate us because we’ve been harrying their lands for decades'”.
  • “Perhaps he could see only what he had been taught to see”.
  • “But I’ve come to realize that I must share God with the things that God has set askew”.
  • “‘You’re always so angry’, he said. ‘I don’t understand. You have pretty clothes, entertainment, foods when others go hungry. You have the love of a sultan. What else could you possibly want?’. Fatima licked the dry taut line of her lips. “To be sultan”, she said.

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