Book Review: My Sister, The Serial Killer.. or What Would Liam Neeson Do.

We all feel we would do anything for our family. It’s ingrained in us. From Hollywood, to the books we read, to our mother’s command to take care of our siblings. There’s nothing like family, right? But what if your sister was a serial killer? What if your little sister called you after she had taken her boyfriend’s life (he attacked her, she said. It was self-defense, she said) ? Would you help her clean up the mess or would you ‘do the right thing’? Would you go full-on Liam Neeson and help her out of her situation?

This is exactly the situation that Korede sees herself into in “My Sister, The Serial killer” by Oyinkan Braithwaite. Korede is a nurse with a bright future at St Peter’s hospital. Her younger sister, Ayoola is beautiful, charming and terribly self-centered. Ah… and before I forget, she continuously finds herself with a dead boyfriend on the floor, and a knife in her hand.

This is a funny, witty and very entertaining story about two co-dependent sisters and the violence and abuse women have to go through, not only in Lagos where the novel is set, but everywhere. It’s light and a true thriller. I can’t recommend it enough.

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