Becoming by Michelle Obama

I have soft spot for the Obamas. I have to admit it, but I’m not one to be particularly interested in the private life of celebrities and I wouldn’t expect Michelle to go on spilling secrets on foreign policy. What attracted me to this book is an interest in knowing how she managed to be a successful lawyer, a mom and then leave all her aspirations aside to support her husband. How was it that she left big law to be a politician’s wife? It felt like the anti-thesis of her personality. Well, in Becoming she bares it all. She comes across as so honest, so unapologetically her. She recounts her humble beginnings in Chicago and how her intelligence and parents’ support got her all the way to Harvard. She tells us how she fought against self-doubt and people’s perceptions of where she belonged.

You get to know a bit also about her romance with Obama, the difficulties they have encountered along the way and the sacrifices she had to make for her family. Like your mom, your grandma and possibly all women you know. Michelle’s feminism is so relatable. It’s all about you-can-do-it, and let’s shatter the glass ceiling while acknowledging that women are still forced to carry a heavier weight when it comes to family; to tame ambitious for the sake of others. I found the book incredibly inspirational.

Even if you don’t care about politics, or the Obamas or even race-relations in America, you will still find something in Michelle’s story to love. It is a ⭐️⭐️⭐️ I can’t recommend enough.

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